This work focuses on our vulnerability to emotional abuse. On and off we get hurt by traumatic events but most of us choose to remain silent or bury it in mind. And the attempts to heal such wounds are usually in vain. The misalignment of glass edge refects the wounds from the hurt.

The fragility of glass implies the danger it contains and the damage it could cause. The work is just like our life, even though it has been repaired with colophony, its temporary completeness is fleeting and fragile.

Emotional abuse, an ignored abuse which may be even more dangerous than physical ones.
It corrodes your self-esteem, feeling of security and trust in others which leads to indelible psychological trauma and nagging mental pain.

What I want to express are the types of emotional abuse. The vulnerable appearance and the attempt of repairing in vain.The purpose is to highlight the seriousness of emotional abuse, reminding ourselves that we should not become inadvertent abuser. I divided emotional abuse into three forms: constraint, power, boundary.